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Client testimonials




"George's money coaching has been really useful in getting me to reflect on my attitudes and practices with regard to money. The strength of George's approach is to put everything in the context of wider life goals and to recognise the human side of spending and saving and all that comes with it. Economist, London."




"I found the financial coaching extremely interesting and relevant to a wide range of ages and situations. I felt George was a very good speaker and was very engaging. I like the structure of the program. The webinars gave a great introduction to certain financial concepts and ideas, then the one-to-one sessions allow for a great opportunity to seek help with anything related to money."


Newly-qualified doctor


"George was very supportive and really made you think about your approach towards money through various means such as goal setting and cashflow calculating. Really positive impact. Became far more aware of my spending habits and my increased confidence in regard to my money allowed me to manage it more wisely George was an absolutely excellent money coach, I loved how the sessions were tailored around your individual money needs. Would highly recommend to anyone!"


Property Developer


"I have learnt things that I could not have understood the importance of before. I would say I have a more mature and well-rounded approach to personal finance."

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