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Positive Money Habits
Take control

"We provide financial wellness workshops and build positive money and career habits through one-to-one coaching sessions. Led by George Callaghan, Professor of Economics and Personal Finance and a qualified coach with the International Coaching Federation and the Institute of Leadership and Management, we provide money education and coaching support."

What we can do for you

Looking to help improve the money education of your employees? We deliver money wellness webinars which will address any concerns and problems. If you are interested in improving the money skills of your people, please get in touch.

If you are feeling lost around your own personal finances, wondering how you are in debt each month and seeking to build money confidence, we have a track record of delivering individual coaching which improves money behaviours. To book a free 30-minute session, click the link below.

If you are stuck in your career, at a career crossroads and looking to increase your income, we also offer one to one career coaching. If you want to get ahead in your job, then get in touch.

Our client-based approach provides tailor-made services around financial wellness and one-to-one coaching. If your colleagues need information around practical money issues or strategies for developing positive money habits, we deliver a transformative service. In addition, if you need help identifying and achieving individual financial or career goals, our one-to-one coaching gives you increased control of your life.


Financial Wellness

Get rid of money worries with our webinars, workshops and one-to-one coaching...

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Career Coaching

Let us help you identify strengths, surface challenges and create goals and outcomes...

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