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Financial wellness webinars

Money worries can impact employees’ mental health, contributing to personal and professional challenges. Our financial wellness workshops address these by providing the knowledge, tools and techniques which build positive money habits. 
Workshops are shaped to your needs. For example, we offer two-hour workshops which explain money basics, workshops around spending and budgeting, financial planning for the third age and gaining knowledge of the emotions around money. We do not provide Regulated Financial Advice.


We have provided our webinars to:

Highways England
The University of Westminster
The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators 
Planned Future
RIE Solutions

"I attended the Financial Coaching seminar in April 2022. I found that George was eloquent, informative and made the sessions enjoyable whilst focussing on the serious matter of money. He highlighted some important financial ‘habit hacks’ which I’ll be putting to the test and hopefully reaping the benefits from”. Alex, Policy & External Affairs Manager.

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