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Our pricing plans...

  • Discovery call

    Explore your issues around money and work out how I can help
    Free Plan
    • Develop more positive money habits
    • Get to know each other
    • Describe your money story
    • Identify positive next steps
  • Individual sessions

    Working towards a positive money action plan
    • 1 hour introductory session
    • Identify areas for development
    • Decide outcomes
    • Formulate action plan
  • Bestseller

    Explore money habits

    Explore your money habits package
    • 3 x 1 hour sessions
    • Help clarify your areas of money weakness
    • Develop a plan to strengthen your money decision-making
  • New money habits

    Develop positive money habits
    • 6 x 1 hour sessions
    • Exploring money weaknesses
    • Identifying a financial plan
    • Create a bespoke positive money habits pathway
Bespoke financial education seminars for employees
In person or online using Zoom
Personal finance basics: tracking income and expenditure
Thinking about savings and investments
Working through mortgages and personal loans
Planning for retirement
Corporate packages
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