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Winter is coming: how financial education can help to keep you warm

The news headlines are (as usual) full of doom and gloom about how the economy is in trouble and dark times are ahead. Now while there is no denying we face substantial challenges, such as Covid, war in mainland Europe, Brexit and so on, as any student of history knows, humanity is no stranger to crisis. We have overcome challenges in the past, and no doubt we will do so again.

What will be required for many individuals and households is an ongoing review of their personal finances: How much money is coming in? How can this amount be increased? Even more importantly, how much is going out and what can be cut or substituted?

In answering these questions, it helps to know more about practical aspects of money and, crucially, understand more about your emotional and psychological approach to money. In short, increasing your knowledge about and confidence in handling money has probably never been as important.

In partnership with Thrive4Life I am running several webinars on financial wellbeing. If you want to find out more and possibly sign up to attend, please read their blog on this subject.

And if you want to contact me directly on money issues, just drop me an email at

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